Private celebrations

As a sanctuary that shelters the Patron Saint of the city, the basilica of the Mare de Déu de la Mercè, joyfully receives all those people, families and groups who want to visit the Virgin of la Merced, to pray before her or carry out a private celebration, whether it is of Eucharistic nature or any other kind.
Our mission is to help them and do everything possible to facilitate their desire of prayer, or their celebration or private reunions. 

We dispose of:

  • THE MAIN ALTAR of the Basilica, at the foot of the image of the Virgin of la Merced, is the most significant and noble area of the Basilica. It is ideal for large groups up to 300 people.

  • THE CHAPEL OF THE SANTÍSIMO (The Blessed Sacrament), is next to the left aisle of the Basilica. It is of small dimensions and has the capacity for a maximum of 30 people. It is intimate and cosy. It was restored a few years ago and has a small altarpiece dedicated to the angels. It is ideal for family celebrations.

  • THE CHAPEL OF DESCENT, is an ancient chapel of the Escolanía, next to the chapel of Our Lady, on the upper floor, with a capacity of about 50 people and is suitable for celebrations in a more reserved, private and silent environment. This chapel is presided by a gothic-style image of the Virgin which, by all accounts, was situated over the main door of the ancient Gothic church previous to the present basilica; and on both sides of it there are two captives each holding a lamp.

  • Lastly, below the sacristy, we have a library/multi- purpose room for meetings of small groups (max. 10-12 people) with complete audiovisual equipment. 

To reserve your celebration, please contact the secretary of the Basilica, Ms. Amalia Llopart, by phone: 93 315 27 56 or by e-mail