Guided visits

The basilica of la Merced is a church which has so much to show just as much as an artistic level as architecturally or historically; or as much for what it is, as what it has been and for what it still means for the city. Without a good explanation conducted by professional qualified people that reveals what is hidden behind the apparent, you cannot know what this Basilica means to Barcelona and the whole of Catalonia. It is not a coincidence that it forms part of the artistic-architectural treasures both being catalogued as (BIC) Bien de Interés Cultural ( Asset of Cultural Interest), object of a special care and protection on behalf of public organizations.
 A thoroughly guided visit can take about two hours, although it usually takes 45 to 50 minutes. Our guides are specialized university graduates who carry out their function in various languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, German …

With them you can get to know from another prospective, parts of the basilica accessible to the public and other parts to which only they have access that will surprise you; even on specific types of visits, you can enjoy a private organ audition as a culmination of it. Do not forget that the basilica owns one of the best organs in Spain, manufactured by the famous organ builder Gerhard Grenzing.

We also receive visits from schools and colleges. In accordance with the teachers, our guides can prepare teaching units so that the visit to the basilica becomes quite amusing but at the same time educational. There are also school visits based on a more musical theme, focused on our wonderful organ with the help of our instructor, the organist Héctor Paris, a music teacher specialized in primary and secondary education. He will help the children and young people to know the “mysteries of music” in an enjoyable way, unraveling the secrets of the most famous melodies whether they are classical or current ones.

To arrange visits in groups or private ones you must contact us via e-mail: