Brotherhood of la Merced

The Brotherhood has its origin in the “Pía Asociación de Devotos de la Virgen de la Merced. Patrona de Barcelona” founded in October,1956. On 20th July,1964 by decree of the Archbishop of Barcelona Excmo. y Rvdmo. D. Gregorio Modrego, it obtained new statutes and was named “Hermandad de la Virgen de la Merced, Patrona de Barcelona”(Brotherhood of the Virgin of la Merced, Patron saint of Barcelona).

The main objective of the Brotherhood is to encourage the worship of the Virgin of la Merced, at the same time promoting the splendor of the cult which has been dedicated to the temple, Santuario de la Ciudad Condal, (Sanctuary of Barcelona), for centuries and likewise join both effects in the animation of works of social redemption in accordance to the needs of our time and Mercedarian spirit.

The aim of the Brotherhood of la Merced is:

*To encourage the worship of the Virgin of la Merced, Patron Saint of the Archdiocese and the city of Barcelona
  • a) To make known the spirituality and history of her worship.
  • b) To promote that the Basilica is, by far, the Marian Sanctuary of Barcelona.
  • c) To encourage activities in the Basilica, according to the spirit of the Brotherhood, inviting all faithful Christians and especially the Brothers to participate with their attendance.

*To preserve and improve the dignity of the Basilica To take care of the maintenance of the Basilica, both the interior and the exterior.

*To study and disseminate the adaptation of the Mercedarian spirit for the eradication of the marginalization of each historical moment.
  • a) To promote social care activities in Barcelona, and in particular in the neighbourhood of the Sanctuary of la Merced.
  • b) To collaborate with the parish and with the Mercedarian Order in order to achieve their own aims (article3º)….

The Brotherhood of la Merced collaborates satisfactorily with the material needs of the Basilica but also works closely with Cáritas Parroquial de la Mercè in their charitable works attending the poor and needy of the neighbourhood: with food, clothes, the building of sanitary facilities to help the homeless take care of their personal hygiene …

Furthermore they identify and collaborate ecomomically with the works of the foundation, Fundación Obra Mercedaria, in favour of convicts, their families. Projects in marginal areas, missions in poor countries ……

If you wish to form part of this family of Brothers of la Merced, and do your bit with the preservation of worshiping the Mare de Déu de la Mercè and helping the people in need, call us on our phone (weekdays, from 10 to 13h) and we will give you the necessary information: 933 190 190.
Also by e-mail, writing to :

Weekdays from  10:00 to 13:00
Tel. 93 3190190