Amics de la Mercè (Friends of la Mercè)

AMICS DE LA MERCÉ is an association which intends to bring together all those who feel devoted to la Mare de Déu de la Mercè , love the Basilica and what it signifies, and want to collaborate with the specific works of Mercedarian charisma in favour of the poor, marginalized and destitute.

In order to form part of this association the only thing you have to do is apply by filling in the form in writing which can be downloaded at the end of this page. Once it has been filled in, it can be sent by post to the address of the basilica or scanned in pdf at this e-mail address:

The members of AMICSDELAMERCÉ will receive the weekly parish paper ECOS DE LA MERCED in their e-mail with all the news related to the activities of the Basilica and other material for their Christian formation like the three-monthly magazine PROYECTO LIBERTAD; both publications are absolutely free.

Also throughout the year, they will receive invitations to take part in some of the cultural activities of the basilica: choir concerts, organ concerts, short excursions, … The only remuneration is voluntary, in concrete campaigns in favour of the parish Cáritas so as to help the destitute or in favour of the Fundación Obra Mercedaria which helps to prevent delinquency, marginalization or convicts’ reintegration.