Trips and pilgrimages

For the basilica of la Merced, the pilgrimages and trips form part of its pastoral activity. It is an excellent way to get to know the parishioners better, where solid friendships arise, to give cohesion to parish life and to live our faith in a different context from usual, which always energizes and “refreshes”.
It is also an excellent remedy to fight loneliness (an illness which unfortunately affects many elderly people) and individualism, therefore the trip or pilgrimage helps us to come out of ourselves.

Throughout the year the Basilica usually organizes:
  • A pilgrimage of certain significance (for its distance or time, for instance to the Holy Land, Fatima, Santiago de Compostela , Rome and Assisi….)
  • An outing or excursion of Marian character in the month of May to closer destinations and for fewer days (Lourdes,Torreciudad, Begoña,Aránzazu, the Pilar…..)
  • A trip abroad in summer (normally the first fortnight in July) stressing the cultural aspect, without undermining the “parish”atmosphere in the case of a trip organized by the Basilica.
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PEREGRINACIÓ MARIANA AL ROCIO del 14 al 20 de Maig de 2023 (id:177)