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Besides being the sanctuary that houses the Patron Saint of the city, the Basilica of La Merced (basilica of Mercy) is also a living parish which celebrates its faith with its community of parishioners and with all those who, for their devotion to the Virgin of la Merced (Virgin of Mercy), take the basilica as a place of reference in the celebration of the sacraments.


For many Barcelona families, the basilica of la Merced is the church where many successive generations have received this sacrament; from grandparents and great-grandparents to parents, children and newborn grandchildren. For us it is a great pleasure to take care of this tradition and that this temple may be the door of incorporation to the church of many Barcelona families who want the same for their children as they received from their own parents: to do this before the image of la Mare de Déu de la Mercè (Mother of God of Mercy) and rely on her protection from the beginning of their lives.

In order to receive this sacrament in the basilica, it is necessary to apply for authorization in writing to the rector of the parish to which they belong (in order to receive baptism out of their parish of origin), and get in touch with the secretary of the basilica to reserve the day and time. The usual day and time of the christenings is on Saturday at noon, except when there is a reason to justify the change of the date.
Preparation of parents and godparents to celebrate this sacrament is carried out in a personalized manner in the basilica. In the case of the christening of adults, please contact the SERVEI DIOCESÁ PERAL CATECUMENAT. C/. Diputació 231. Tlf. 93 323 25 37 


If you wish to get married in the basilica, please contact Ms Amalia Llopart, the secretary of the basilica; at 93 315 27 56, or by e-mail: indicating your name, surname and telephone number. We will advise you and accompany you during the whole process, both in terms of the documents you have to present as well as in filling in the marriage file, premarital course, spiritual advice, musical accompaniment, the decoration and preparation of the ceremony.
If you wish the celebration to be held by another priest, a relative or friend, there is absolutely no problem. The only requirement for this is to present a certificate of his priestly condition and canonical appointment.
If what you wish is to celebrate your silver or gold wedding in this temple (many married couples renew their wedding vows, in memory of when they made them for the first time in this same church and before the same image of the Virgin of la Merced 25 or 50 years before), please contact the secretary of the basilica.


Normally, there is always a priest in the basilica. If he is not in the confessional, you will find him in the sacristy or in the parish office. Do not have any qualms to ask for him and request the reception of the sacrament. He will be pleased to attend you.


Each year the sacrament of the sick is administered to people over sixty-five, coinciding with the Paschal celebration of the Sick (within the time of Easter). We also go to the homes of our parishioners who cannot travel to church because of their age or illness, and spiritually accompany them by administering weekly communion, the sacrament of forgiveness or anointing the sick as necessary in their own homes. To receive this kind of home attention, please contact the sacristy or the secretary of the basilica, at 93 315 27 56 .


The basilica is at your disposal if you wish to hold a memorial service for your loved ones. Although these ceremonies usually take place in the funeral home, it is not the most suitable place if what you wish is a quiet, peaceful and personalized farewell for your loved one and live an authentic experience of faith before the Patron of the city. Many people of Barcelona began their Christian life in this basilica, and it should also be the place where they celebrate their entrance to the church of heaven and their farewell from their earthly life, with their relatives and friends beside them and before the image of the Virgin of la Merced as the guide of all their life.
You can also order a mass for your deceased by speaking to the sacristan in person (as a rule we do not accept these requests by phone)
The agenda that registers the intentions of the Mass for the deceased is applied meticulously and rigorously.


This will take place on Thursdays from 11 to 13h, and on Saturdays at the end of Mass from 19h to 20.30h. On the first Saturday of every month the Worship will be until 21h. 

Parish office

Telephone attention is from Monday to Friday from 10 to 13h. Ms. Amalia LLopart. Tlf. 93 315 27 56.

Although the rector usually attends the office from 11 to 13h and from 17 to 20h, it would be better if you made a previous appointment by telephone through Ms. Amalia Llopart.

Only urgent cases will be attended on Saturdays and Sundays.

Trips and pilgrimages

For the basilica of la Merced, the pilgrimages and trips form part of its pastoral activity. It is an excellent way to get to know the parishioners better, where solid friendships arise, to give cohesion to parish life and to live our faith in a different context from usual, which always energizes and “refreshes”.
It is also an excellent remedy to fight loneliness (an illness which unfortunately affects many elderly people) and individualism, therefore the trip or pilgrimage helps us to come out of ourselves.

Throughout the year the Basilica usually organizes:
  • A pilgrimage of certain significance (for its distance or time, for instance to the Holy Land, Fatima, Santiago de Compostela , Rome and Assisi….)
  • An outing or excursion of Marian character in the month of May to closer destinations and for fewer days (Lourdes,Torreciudad, Begoña,Aránzazu, the Pilar…..)
  • A trip abroad in summer (normally the first fortnight in July) stressing the cultural aspect, without undermining the “parish”atmosphere in the case of a trip organized by the Basilica.
Our trustworthy travel agency is RUTH TRAVEL. It is an agency with experience, of an admirable professionalism and expertise in parish trips and pilgrimages; one of the best of its kind in Catalonia. Its web page is ; the address is calle Valencia 247,1º derecha (Barcelona) and the telephone number is 93 467 32 44. She takes care of the technical side of each trip and guarantees satisfaction.



In order to prepare children for their First Communion from 7 years onward, inscriptions are in the month of September in the parish office. Ask for Father Fermin Delgado

To prepare youths (13 and over) and adults who want to receive the sacrament of confirmation. Inscriptions and information in the parish office. Ask for Father Fermin Delgado