The Brotherhood


The Brotherhood has its origins in the "Pious Association of Devotees of Our Lady of Mercy, patron of Barcelona" founded in October, 1956. On July 20, 1964, by decree of His Excellency Archbishop of Barcelona and Rt. D. Gregorio Modrego, it obtained new statutes and was renamed "Brotherhood of Our Lady of Mercy, patron of Barcelona".

The Brotherhood's main objective is promoting devotion to the Virgin of Mercy, while promoting the splendour of the cult that has been dedicated to the Sanctuary of Barcelona for centuries, also joining both effects in the development of works of redemption according to the social needs of our time and the Mercedarian spirit. The aims of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Mercy are: *

To encourage devotion to Our Lady of Mercy, patron saint of the Archdiocese and the city of Barcelona
a) To present the spirituality and history of her devotion.
b) To promote the Basilica as the quintessential Marian Shrine of Barcelona.
c) To promote activities in the Basilica, in accordance with the spirit of brotherhood, inviting all Christians and especially the Brothers to participate with their assistance. *

To preserve and enhance the dignity of the Basilica.
a) To ensure the interior/external state of preservation of the Basilica. * To study and spread the adaptation of the spirit of Mercy to eradicate the marginalization from each historical period.
a) To promote social welfare activities in Barcelona and, especially, in the neighbourhood of the Santuario de la Merced.
b) To collaborate with the parish and the Order of Mercy to achieve their own ends "(Article 3)

How we act

The social action of the Order of Mercy focuses on providing a rehabilitative and preventive tool for disadvantaged groups. It provides care for people who have problems with the justice, services to meet basic needs (food, clothing, etc.) and host, counselling and job skills service. It also makes development projects.

Who we help

Educational and charitable action of Mercedarians focuses on abandoned, marginalized and disadvantaged young people, as well as the reintegration of prisoners, refugees, young people marginalized, harassed and exploited in the developing countries, as well as sick people, those with drug or abuse problems and older people in distress.