In the Basilica Food Bank is also a fact evident that attempts to perform in Charity look now very urgent. We transcribe testimony to the same people who perform this service:  

"When more than 25 years ago Mn. Jordi García Die saw people gathered in the neighborhood of Mercy rice land that threw the couple out of the Basilica, thought it would be good to give food to these people. We started with the help of parishioners and a social worker.

A group of sisters of the Brotherhood of the Virgin of Mercy took advantage of this initiative and were offered to help in what was most needed. Nowadays lots of food are distributed twice a month to 50 families in the neighborhood.

The tasks are organized in groups of two or three people. Some receive and store food, others fill the bags and other distributed. In addition to providing food for these families to try a little human warmth through a close relationship with all of them. Sometimes it need more than food. Most are elderly but increasingly reaches more young people without work. "

Thank you!

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