"Thank you for what they do in the Church. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict insisted that witnesses more than teachers was missing. You have a great ability to be witnesses. Pure grace. Please consérvenla: That witness of life, prayer, liturgy, ask bread, hitchhike, witness of poverty and joy. Because you people want them. And in fact I want to thank you. "(Excerpt from the words of Pope Francis to the Community of the Lamb during the meeting with him, the March 15, 2013, two days after his election)

The Community of the Lamb, born in 1983, is celebrating its 30 year anniversary. Since 1996, the bishop responsible for the Community of the Lamb is Cardinal Christoph Schonborn OP, archbishop of Vienna (Austria). Currently, the Community gathers over hundred thirty sisters and brothers from different countries. The brothers and sisters share a common life purpose and can gather for liturgical services. However, daily life is separated. The Community is present in France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland, USA, Argentina and Chile.

The Community of the Lamb brothers and sisters lay celibate, families, youth, children and diocesan priests are united, forming the "Family of the Lamb". Each according to their state in life and that you are in, lives the mystery of the Lamb, putting into practice what has become the currency of the Community: "Wounded, I never stop loving."

What is a "brother of the Lamb"?

"At the heart of the Church, consecrated to live the holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the footsteps of Jesus poor and crucified, with ever renewed purpose conversion of the poor" (purpose of life of Brothers) The brothers, following the Lamb and sent by the Church "like lambs" (Lk 10,3) in the middle of the world, live as pilgrims praying poor and mendicants, following the footsteps of St. Dominic and St. Francis of Assisi.

Where do they live?

"Housing is a simple place of passage, poor among the poor" (purpose of life for siblings). Barcelona siblings live in the attic of the Basilica de la Merced, under the protection of the Virgin, thanks to the hospitality of the rector of the Basilica.

What is your lifestyle?

The monastic liturgy. We celebrate the Eucharist daily together with our sisters, like vigils and solemn Vespers on Sunday, extending to Eucharistic adoration in the Church of San Jaime.

For more information: Little Brothers of the Lamb C / Merce 1 932 955 293 08002 Barcelona http://www.communautedelagneau.org/es/fraternidad-de-barcelona/

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