The chapel of the Most Holy

"Planned with great enthusiasm by the Rev. Salvador Barone, treasurer ruling that parish, the works of enriching the interior part of the temple - making it worthy of the historical image that is worshipped inside it, so beloved by the locals for representing their divine patroness – were done thanks to a donation from an unknown citizen known as “a grateful Catalan”, who bequeathed a large sum to the Board of Works that became a solid basis for undertaking the great task of enriching the bare nave of the church with superb allegorical religious paintings, performed by the renowned artist who has painted them and who also has so many important decorative works spread across America, including the sumptuous decoration of the church of the PP. Franciscans, in Buenos Aires, and the Spanish Club of Havana."

It is a mixed altarpiece, consisting of paintings, sculptures and bas-reliefs made of wood, plaster and marble. The author of the work (1946) is Hubert Vallmitjana. Perched on a patch of marble, it is comprised of two floors topped by an attic, a sculptural piece composed of two guardian angels and a crucifix.

The bottom part is delimited by a bas-relief with floral motifs. Amid the central part we find the well-preserved tabernacle. The floors are separated by a cornice made of gilded wood. The bottom of the cornice features a bas-relief in gilded wood with floral motifs and faces of angels.

On the cornice, six sculptural elements composed of four angels and two vases stand out. Two of the four angels - who are in the edges, just above the outer columns – are each carrying a candlestick.

On the second floor we find the central vault made of golden, polychromatic wood, articulated in five blocks, each of which representing a kneeling angel. On the top centre of the vault we have a carved silver and wooden sculpture, representing a dove. The vault is framed with an ornamental frieze made of carved and gilded wood, floral patterns and faces of angels on a blue background. In the attic we find a group of sculptures composed of two guardian angels and a crucifix.