In the Basilica de la Merced, and for many years, the Caritas parish group, composed mainly of sisters of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Mercy, has cared of the food bank and has tried to give needy families in the neighbourhood all the necessary to live in dignity.

The community of the Lamb has been present in the Basilica for quite a few years. The Community of the Lamb was born in 1983. Since 1996, Cardinal Christoph Schonborn O.P., archbishop of Vienna (Austria), is the bishop responsible for this Community.

Today the Community is made up of more than one hundred and fifty little sisters and around thirty little brothers from various countries. The little brothers and little sisters have a common resolve in life and at times gather together for liturgical prayer. Their daily life, however, is separate. The Community of the Lamb is present in France, in Spain, in Italy, in Austria (Vienna), in Germany, in Poland, in the United States, in Argentina and in Chile. Attached to the Community of little brothers and little sisters of the Lamb are lay single people, families, young adults, children, and diocesan priests, who make up “the Family of the Lamb.”

Each, according to their state in life and wherever they find themselves, commit to living out the mystery of the Lamb, in the practice of what has become the motto of the Community: “Wounded, I will never cease to love”. As the Pope said: “Thank you for what you do in the Church. John Paul II and Benedict XVI have emphasized: more than teachers, what are needed are witnesses. You have a great capacity to be witnesses. It’s pure grace. Hold on to that. The testimony of your life, through prayer, the liturgy, begging for your daily bread, hitch-hiking; it’s a testimony of poverty and joy. That’s why people love you, and I want to thank you very much for this.” (Pope Francis – March 15th, 2013)

Fraternal Life

In the heart of the Church, consecrated to living the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Little Brothers of the Lamb are gathered in fraternal unanimity “to be of one mind and one heart in God”. (Rule of Saint Augustine)

Contemplative life

“Before all else let God be loved!” (id) “Seated at the feet of the Lord” (cf. Lk. 10:39) we keep the Word of God, and with the Virgin Mary, ponder it in our hearts. We draw this Living Water of the Word of God from the pierced heart of Jesus on the Cross, from the daily Eucharist, from Eucharistic Adoration, and from the long celebrations of the Divine Office, day and night, in this contemplative life that reveals to us the mystery of the Lamb: “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” (Jn 1:29), all evil in the world. The LAMB is JESUS, poor and crucified; in his divine tenderness he offers himself to us, begging for our love – the divine tenderness of Jesus united with the Father, victorious over death, the power of Resurrection, the invincible tenderness that raises him from the dead. By his Cross and Resurrection, Jesus, the Lamb of God, triumphs today, in this moment of our history, over the deadly hatred that man harbors against God and his “brothers” in humanity. “In his flesh… in his person, Jesus killed hatred” ( Eph. 2:16), he gives us his Peace, the Peace of the Risen Christ, who floods the world with the living waters of the Spirit and the tenderness of the Father.

Missionary life

Witnesses of the mystery of the Lamb, the little brothers of the Lamb go as pilgrims, praying, poor, and begging in the footsteps of Saint Dominic and Saint Francis to encounter the poorest of this world, so that all, rich and poor alike, might receive the Light of the Gospel: Jesus, the Lamb of God - the tenderness of the Father for all men. The Church sends us “as lambs” (Lk 10:3) in the midst of the world. As we go, in the footsteps of the Lamb, “wounded, we will never cease to love.” (Motto of the Community).

Today, the little brothers of the Lamb are trying to build a small monastery called "Light of the Lamb" in Barcelona. The little monasteries are also, for all those who pass by, a break along the road, a place where one is welcome: a source of living water, so that all together, rich and poor, we can come to know the joy of the Gospel. How can we help? At this early stage of the construction of the small monastery, and with the prayers of children, grandparents, youth groups, families, poor people... what seemed impossible is becoming possible: There is no more solid foundation. We are counting on each of you. Also revealing. Some friends have started initiatives that are taking off.

They are the main source of aid for the construction of this small monastery. You can also organize: A witness of the Community at your place or ours, with your friends or family. A witness in the parish or prayer group. Spreading information about the project on your environment and your acquaintances in Poblenou. You could also organize a collection, or perhaps the Holy Spirit will inspire other ideas...

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